The battle gets closer and the hype hotter. On Sunday 24th (6pm)  there will be the drawing deciding which athletes will be competing in the first rounds in Cologne.

To make it fair for everyone and transparent, Paul and Iris, who both work for WOB will do the drawing live for you. They will have a pot and pull out two athlete names who will compete against each other in the first round.

People wish for a final with San Gohan and Daniels Laizans. It would probably be one of the sickest battles in the history of street workout. However, there are many other very strong athletes. For the men battle Ikhwan stays a clear favorite. As for the girls maybe a final between Melanie Driessen and Natalia Modzelewska would be spectacular? The community needs to wait for Sunday to know how this year’s WOB League will begin.