League 2019


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A lil’ pull up for the WOB weighted competition?

This year will be massive, big and heavy. This is a weighted competition the Calisthenics world has not seen before, in a completely new concept, developed by the German weighted guru Nik Tibusek, who was a Barheroes weighted participant in the past. The disciplines...

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Battle drawing on sunday march 24th

The battle gets closer and the hype hotter. On Sunday 24th (6pm)  there will be the drawing deciding which athletes will be competing in the first rounds in Cologne. To make it fair for everyone and transparent, Paul and Iris, who both work for WOB will do the drawing...

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Prize Money will be increased

The hype around the WOB League in Cologne is real. The WOB association speaks of record-breaking numbers concerning the battle. They had more than 70 freestyle registrations in less than a month only for Cologne. But that’s not everything of the World of Barheroes....

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